Peter Lauer

As a German friend and wine fanatic proclaimed recently:
“Lauer has gone cult.” Based on the extraordinary Lauer requests we get from sommeliers, merchants and private clients all over the U.S., it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the case.

The Lauers – father Peter II, now mostly retired, and sons Florian and Peter III – run a savvy little hotel and restaurant in Ayl, a small village on the west side of the Saar River. The winery is nestled right next to the hotel and most overnighters also drive away with a few cases of Lauer wine. It wouldn’t in the least surprise us if most overnighters come explicitly to buy the wines.

For purists, there is nothing like the Saar – it is arguably one of the greatest, most unique wine-growing regions on earth. The core of greatness in the Saar is intensity without weight, grandiosity without size. Lauer is currently one of the top estates in this sacred place.

The style at Lauer is 180 degrees from his famous Saar neighbors Egon Müller and Hanno Zilliken – the focus is on dry and off-dry Rieslings as opposed to the residual sugar wines of the latter two. Yet the hallmarks are similar: purity, precision, rigor, mineral. While the great majority of wines are sourced from the solid hillside of the Ayler Kupp, this single mountain is really an intricate tapestry of parcels and sub-parcels, with layers and layers of glorious, rich history.




Peter & Florian Lauer



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