In 2005, Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler began from humble beginnings leasing just 1.8 hectares in Enkircher Ellergrub. At the time, Konstantin was doing an apprenticeship in New Zealand. He formerly worked as the winemaker at Immich-Batterieberg and had earlier stints at Leitz and Minges in the Rheingau and Pfalz, respectively. Konstantin hails from Bavarian Swabia, and Alexandra from Franconia, but the pair met in the Mosel Valley.

Konstantin and Alexandra are as soulful as the vineyards they farm; this is a micro-estate with only 3 hectares (7.4 acres) under vine. They do everything at this estate; they are in the vineyards daily. It’s immediately obvious that they are most comfortable in the vineyards. It’s obvious that they love their vineyards, and the intimacy certainly shines through in the wines.




Konstantin Weiser & Alexandra Künstler




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