On 18th November 1838, Johann Kalleske and his wife Johanne Dorothea, together with their four children landed in the newly established colony of South Australia. They had sailed for many months on the Prince George from half-way around the world, fleeing religious persecution in their homeland, Prussia. In 1853 the Kalleske farm was established at Moppa, a small sub-district of Greenock in the North-Western Barossa Valley. Since settlement the Kalleske farm has been a mix of enterprises including vineyard, orchard, sheep, dairy, milling and merchanting. The farm has been in continual family ownership for more than 150 years and is today tended by the sixth and seventh generation of the Kalleske family.

The oldest vines on the property today are more than a century old, dating back to 1875. The Kalleske farm is one of the higher localities in the Barossa Valley. As well as higher elevation, the vineyard is characterized with varying topography of softly rolling hills and gullies creating gentle cooling breezes. The soils vary across the vineyard blocks but importantly red clay underlies all vineyards ensuring winter rainfall is captured in the subsoil for use by the vines over the summer growing season. The Kalleske farm is 500 acres and the 120 acres of vines are planted in over 30 individual blocks across the property. This spread of plantings covers a diversity of topographies, soils and aspects ensuring interesting, characteristic, individuality from each block.


Barossa Valley, South Australia


Troy Kalleske


Troy Kalleske




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