Founded in 1947 by his grandfather, René Savart, Frédéric Savart has since taken on the leading role, although his father Daniel remains very much present at the winery, cheerfully greeting guests and sharing stories of their family’s history.

Their approach, when it comes to vine and wine, intends to preserve an expression of nature as pure as possible. Their philosophy is summarized by Frédéric in a single sentence: “The best wine is made using the best grapes”.

In the vine, they give priority to handwork and preventive methods. Their aim is not to eradicate diseases but to preserve or help reestablish a lively and varied ecosystem. Therefore, winemaking and maturation do not consist in shaping wines according to their desires but in keeping and protecting a unique and fragile Mother Nature’s creation. The Savarts farm four hectares of vines, three in Ecueil and one in Villiers-aux-Noeuds.

“It is a wine in which the winemaker is deeply involved, a wine where technique and know-how serve intentions, emotions and feelings.” – Frederic Savart




Frédéric Savart



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