Located between two of the best-known wine regions in Spain, Ribera del Duero and Rioja, Castilla y Leon, despite its long history of winemaking, was all but forgotten until it attained DO status in 2007. A defining characteristic of this Denomination of Origin is its elevation, which notably averages 800m. There are currently 16 wineries here, which produce a million to a million and a half kilograms of grapes per year, depending on the harvest.

The more traditional wineries coexist with some innovative winemakers who aim to carry out projects that are intimately linked to the area, making a commitment to the land and the recovery of vineyards that had been virtually abandoned in the past. This philosophy is shared by the founders of Sabinares, a winery that has been making wine from grapes harvested from very old vineyards in the highlands of the DO since 2010.

Bequer Prieto is one of four people behind the Sabinares project, and he is half of the winery’s enological duo, along with David González. Their team also includes Juan Antonio Leza, their engineer / enologist from Rioja who is an expert at managing vineyards, along with the fourth pillar Luis Martin, who both came to this project through the bonds of friendship. He explains Sabinares as, “Our most personal project. Our other projects just pay the bills”.


Castilla y Leon


2012 EL Timido, Arlanza, Castilla y Leon


Bequer Prieto, David González, Juan Antonio Leza and Luis Martin

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