Domaine Giachino

For many centuries, Frédéric and David’s family were agriculturalists in the rich Grésivaudan plain, producing cereals, nuts and fruits. They also had vineyards on the slopes of Mount Granier.

In 1988, Frédéric took over the 1.5 hectares of vines that had been maintained by his grandfather, Marius Genton. Since then, the area has been entirely dedicated to grape production. After having worked in the wine sector for many years, Frédéric’s brother David returned to the Giachino estate as they began to embark on organic agriculture.

The Giachino estate maintains its vineyards, now expanded to 9 hectares, and produces wines based on organic methods. Wine producers for over 20 years, the vineyards are based in the Chartreuse regional park in the department of Savoie. The estate comprises of various small, organically farmed vineyards on the slopes of Mount Granier, encompassing the communes of Chapareillan, les Marches and Aprement. The soils are comprised of clay, limestone and moraine, a particular terroir which is the source of the uniqueness of their wines.




Frédéric & David Giachino



  • 2014 Altesse, Savoie
  • 2014 Frères Giac, Savoie
  • 2014 Mondeuse, Savoie

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