Aradon was a village which existed in Roman times but which mysteriously disappeared. It was situated at the top of a plain with an altitude of 550 m, called “La Mesa”, which nowadays is occupied by vines of up to 90 years old, belonging to the winery.

From 1957 onwards and continuing to the present day, grape growers in the village of Alcanadre have chosen to pay tribute to Aradon by naming their wines after it. The vineyards are located at altitudes ranging from 350m to 600m above sea level. Vines are planted on steep slopes on diverse calcareous clay soils and heavily influenced by the Mediterranean and Continental-Atlantic climates. Grapes are grown with care and expertise by their experienced viticulturists, whose knowledge has been passed down through the generations over centuries.

Today, a third generation of viticulturists continue this historical tradition of the village.





  • 2014 Blanco, Rioja Baja – Alcanadre, Spain
  • 2014 Tinto Joven, Rioja Baja - Alcanadre, Spain

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